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Carmit levy

e-mail: carmitlevy@post.tau.ac.il

Tamar Golan, PhDLab Managergolantammy@gmail.com
Shani DrorPostdocshani_dr@hotmail.com
Ana MoshkovskyPostdocana.ruthher@gmail.com
Rachel E. BellPhD studentbell.rachele@gmail.com
Hagar MalcovPhD studenthmalcov@gmail.com
Danna ShienboimPhD studentdannushi@gmail.com
Shivang PrikPhD studentbarodablaze117@gmail.com
Mor CohenPhD studentmorc@mail.tau.ac.il
Roi DayanMD/PhD studentroydayan@mail.tau.ac.il
Shani SrurMsc studentshani.gants@gmail.com
Chen SlonimskyMsc studentslonimsky@mail.tau.ac.il
Eshchar SorekMsc studenteshchars2@walla.co.il

Seeking PhD/MSc/Postdoctoral candidate for research project:

We are studying the role of microRNAs in development, differentiation and malignant transformation of melanocyte (melanoma). Our studies is focused on melanocytes, with the goal to develop novel approaches in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancer in general and melanoma in particular. In addition, we are using these systems a model for exploring basic microRNA biogenesis.

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